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Stats Toolbox Seminars

Want to broaden your stats knowledge? Unsure of what you can do with your data? Still developing your proposal?

Learn about stats methods that can be applied to ecological and environmental data.  On the last Thursday of every month at 13:00 we will introduce a method, e.g. distance sampling or occupancy models, that can be added to your stats toolbox.

Click on the links in the left side menu for presentation slides and R scripts from previous Stats Toolbox Seminars.

See below for details on some of the Toolboxes we have this year. Keep and eye out for updates.

At the SEEC Toolbox Seminars, we assume that participants have a basic knowledge in statistics at the level of our online courses STA2007/STA5014. If you don’t have that, consider registering for one of these courses. It is a worth-while investment in your future.

For more information on registration for STA2007/STA5014, click here.