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SEEC holds a number of workshops each year and also runs the SEEC Stats Toolbox Seminars held once every month.

ACCESS SEEC Statistical Modelling (R) course at UCT 10-12 July 2019

ACCESS partnered with the SEEC in presenting a short course in statistical data analysis and experimental design using R. The course aimed to equip participants with practical experience and skills in analysing data, using some statistical techniques frequently used in the sciences. The skills included designing experiments, choosing appropriate statistical methods for visual display and statistical modelling of data, model checking, interpretation and reporting of statistical results, and understanding limitations of statistical methods and data. The course used the R statistical package throughout.

The course targeted ACCESS students, but was open to any other research students or scientists that required these skills for their work.

The three-day course covered the following broad topics:

  • Introduction to the course and statistical modelling
  • Regression
  • Design and analysis of experiments
  • Generalized linear models

SEEC Stats Toolbox Seminars

The SEEC Stats Toolbox Seminars introduce a stats method relevant to the fields of ecology, environmental science and conservation and try to make these methods more accessible. These seminars are held once a month, towards the end of the month. Read more about these seminars here.

Past workshops

Past examples of longer workshops have included a workshop on multivariate statistics, machine learning in ecology, Bayesian integrated population modeling (IPM) using BUGS and JAGSspecies distribution modelling using R, and on spatial point process models.


Watch this space for announcements of other upcoming workshops.