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"The developments in the emerging fields of statistical ecology and environmetrics offer exciting opportunities but also require a new generation of scientists trained in both environmental and quantitative skills. Statistical Ecology has therefore been identified as a critical scarce skill in the Human Capital Development Strategy for the biodiversity sector. A few universities are leading the world by offering training in statistical and quantitative ecology and producing graduate students who are equally adept in ecology and statistics. At UCT the development of statistical ecology and environmetrics is starting to gain momentum and our goal at SEEC is to carry out research and provide training in these interdisciplinary fields."

Core research team

"The group has skills that range from quantitative ecology to theoretical statistics, including ecosystem modelling and structured decision support. Five core members are in the Department of Statistical Sciences, three are in Biological Sciences (Science faculty) and one is in Actuarial Science (Faculty of commerce). The core team also includes one member from the University of Stellenbosch, three from the South African National Biodiversity Institute, one member from the University of the Witwatersrand, and one from the South African Environmental Observation Network."

Senior Researchers