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Research meetings are held every third Thursday at 10:00. The format is that two people present their latest work for discussion. All are welcome.

Meetings take place in the Stats Tea Room on Level 5. To get to the Tea Room enter the PD Hahn on Level 4, from the car park on the South side of the building. Go up to the fifth floor and ask at the Stats reception to be let through to the Tea Room. 

The next meeting is on 5 October when Tess Gridley and Jasper Slingsby will be presenting.

Tess will talk about "Social sounds of 'super-groups' of humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) from South Africa" and Jasper will talk about "Progress on the Data for Climate Action project".


Student Symposium

Every year SEEC holds a one-day symposium at which all SEEC Masters and PhD students give a presentation on their work. This is an excellent opportunity for the group to "catch up" with each other's research and is also open to anyone interested in the work being done at SEEC.