International Statistical Ecology Conference (ISEC) 2016

25 Jul 2016 - 15:15

Seattle, better known for coffee and Frasier, was recently the host for the International Statistical Ecology Conference (ISEC) 2016. Five SEEC members, including Res Altwegg, Allan Clark, Greg Distiller, Sanet Hugo and Theoni Photopoulou, made the long trek to the west coast of the USA. We are very proud to have such a large contingent of SEECers having talks accepted at such a conference. Res has kindly provided some photos of their trip, and Allan has written a brief report on their trip, which you can see below.

Allan Clark reports on their trip: "ISEC was held in Seattle, USA this time round. It was the second one I attended and the big difference between Seattle compared to Montpelier was the organisational side of the conference. It was much better this time (but France was probably more of a social experience). I attended the pre-conference workshops and learned a lot. The conference itself was a mix of ecology and statistical applications. There was a big Hidden Markov model drive this time around with many papers showcasing the technique - mainly from a likelihood perspective. Once again INLA was quite big. I really enjoyed the conference and would recommend it too anyone trying to get into the statistical ecology field."